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Children's backpacks and backpacks for preschoolers

Children can wear them to kindergarten, but also on trips to nature. The child can pack his favorite toys, spare clothes or tenth in his backpack and carry them with him at all times. Backpacks for kindergarten are very light and comfortable and are made in cheerful color motifs. They are usually equipped with one main zip pocket. They have a reinforced back and almost all have a chest strap so that they do not fall off the shoulders of children.

Animal motifs are very popular. These are intended for the youngest children from the age of 1 year.

The medium size of backpacks is intended for children aged 2 - 4 years. This is the 305-9 Mini Kiddy model.

Preschoolers aged 3 - 6 years can choose from larger backpacks from the 305-4/A Kiddy Plus with a chest strap and side pockets.

The largest backpacks are designed for ages 4 - 7. This is the 305-30 Kiddy Sport model. A4 format can also fit in it. It is intended more for trips or if you need to pack a lot of things.

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